Last Post in 2019

Here's the short appreciation post on the last day of 2019. I'm grateful that I've met many kind people this year. I also have the chance to know friends with different nationalities. Although I feel like most of the time was spent meaninglessly, there were precious moments that I would like to note them down.

❤ January ❤
→ I managed to go travelling with friends only. We had 3 days 2 nights in Singapore. It's an unforgettable trip for me.
 Completed one of my wishlists which is attending Taeyeon's solo concert tour.

❤ March 
→ Won a ticket to Lee Sungkyung's fan meeting

❤ April 
 Had a little birthday celebration with my ex-roommate and her friend
→ Attended a beauty event

❤ September 
→ Stay alone overseas

& others ...

→ Created more beauty contents

→ Improved my cooking skills

Let go of the old year. Work hard for more in 2020.