Pre-Christmas in Dublin 🎄 | Gil's Diary❤ #4

Hellooooo guys~
I'm back with my first post of December! 
As I'm currently staying in Europe, I can feel the Christmas atmosphere everywhere starting from one month ago. Since Christmas is an important festival for westerners, they have started to decorate the shops, schools and bars earlier. The people also seem to like having holiday mood right now (*not in the mood of working Lolll)
Saw this corner in a hotel and it made me think of the Santa Claus Town
This's my most favorite spot ever in the city. There're rainbow lights in the centre of Liffey River. Whenever I cross the bridge, my mood becomes well 
When the lights are fixed on the first day, there were only blue lights
The Christmas trees can be seemed by the street
I feel like the light bulb strings are too much
The department stores are well-decorated
On Jervis Street
Shopping with my classmate
Eating hotpot is a must during winter. Recently the temperature has dropped till -1 degree Celcius. Even I've worn 3 pieces of clothing I still feel very cold #.#
This's my second time having hotpot with my German classmate. After bringing her to try for the first time, she already falls in love for Mala huoguo~ 
Well I still stick to the pork rib soup base.
After dinner, we had a stroll to let our stomach digest.
Passed by the buildings which were screened with blue lights
Finally the sem break has started~ The lecturers let us go back earlier. 
Well, I guess they're also eager to have holiday early. 
Since my classmate and I were free, we just went to school nearby for thrifting.
My classmate told me that the shop with the sign of 420 means that it's a marijuana shop 
I didn't expect there're a lot of shops in the city centre as if having weed is legal
the Gardas really don't do their work
I think the boss of candy shop is the same person with 420 lollll
The tools to roll weed
We went to the candy shop but we didn't buy anything coz the candies and chocs were too pricey
Passed by a shop selling digital art prints. SY told me that she wants to open a shop like this coz she will only need to print out the drawings and can start earning.
In a handmade crafts store
There's a preloved clothing store downstairs
I like the lightings of the shop
Vintage drawing
Back to Grafton Street again
I finally could take photos inside a Christmas shop. 
There's one granny look store which sells furniture, lightings beside my school. I really like its vibe and I can stay there for half of a day to explore the little stuffs.
I think of Mr David which is on the shelf of my KL house.
There're too many photos and I think I'll come out with 1 post purposely to share about this shop
That's all for today's post. 
Hope you guys enjoy reading and start anticipating the coming of Christmas as me ^^
See you sooooooon