A post that makes you feel HUNGRY | Foodie in the Kitchen | Gil's Diary❤ #3

Hiiiii my readers ❤
As most of my friends know, I'm a person who doesn't cook. Actually there were times that I cooked in my hostel before when I was studying foundation. I was only 18 and it was my second time leaving home and staying alone in the other states. I still remember I didn't even know how to cook maggi and I had to call my mum to ask her in the kitchen lolllll.
But after I live alone in the hostel, my friend said I look like a housewife to be as I stay in the kitchen most of the time. I'm lucky that I have a Taiwanese roommate who's good at cooking and she does help me a lot. Today's post is about what I've cooked in these three months
The time when I spent two hours to cook a pot of porridge

Having bolognese spaghetti would save a lot of time
Bringing my own lunchbox to school

Roasted pork chop with veges
Wrap with veges and ham
I don't know why my Chinese classmate likes to give me this
But it tastes good when eating with rice
My roommate said it looked like worms when she accidentally opened the can =..=
Alphabet spaghetti
When I've free time for English breakfast *ignore the boba milk tea
Advocado meal
Herbal chicken soup *to keep warm

When I miss sweet and sour a lot T..T This's one of my favorite Chinese dishes
I bought the sauce from Tesco and the taste is so authentic

Thai food - Tomyam Soup 
I found the mushroom tofu in Asia market which I never tried before in Malaysia
Simple breakfast
Fruits, cornflakes and yoghurt
Bagel and pizza

Desserts are a must in my life
Chocolate banana peanut wrap
Blueberry peach pancake
Kiwi pancake
Cooking instant black pearls
Boba waffle
Chinese dessert - Tongshui
Taiwanese dessert - Sweet potato balls
The taroballs taste like what I've eaten at Snowflake T..T
My Taiwanese made the fried chicken, fried sweet potato and fried mushroom *night market food
Puff with biscuit jam
Eat frozen food when I just want to keep my meal simple

Halloween version of potatoes
Fried tomato egg

Taiwanese breakfast - Egg wrap

In my Chinese's classmate house
We cooked too much instant noodle ><
I prefer to have Chinese dishes now

Cheese-baked pasta
My friend cooked the Korean meal
In my friend's hostel
Kimchi mandu
Korean food - Buddae jiggae (Army stew hotpot)

The conclusion is you'll improve your cooking skills when you study overseas. *I also feel hungry when writing this post >_<