Strange things happen OR it's just that I'm having bad luck | Life in Dublin | Gil's Diary❤ #2

Gooooood day my readers <3 
Today's post is basically about ranting some random stuffs. Recently I've met some kinda "weird" things. When they happened on me I just felt so speechless... I also bumped into few strange people on the street. Whenever I see someone blocking me, I would just pretend that I don't know how to speak English and walk away. 

      #1 Nest in my cap     
I was on my way home from the mall that was beside my house. I felt there was something dropping at my back but I didn't notice what was it. Until I reached home, there were brown pieces falling everywhere on the floor.
Image result for brown nest"
Then I found out the thingy was just like the particles of nest... I really had a hard time to clear them as it was all over my head, cap & clothes. I even needed to wash my outer coat as it was dirty @@
But I told my roommate that luckily it was not bird's shit on my head LOL. Oh man this city is full with many birds which aren't afraid of people =..=

      #2 Met a strange Ah Pek      
This happened when my Chinese classmate and I were coming out from the entrance of school. We were planning to go to the boba milk tea shop which is in front of the school. Suddenly there was an old uncle talking to my friend.
Ah Pek: "Where're you from?"
Friend: "I'm from China."
Ah Pek: "Do you want to go to club and dance with me?"
Image result for shocking cat face"
HELLOOOOO UNCLE, you're already over 70 and you still want to flirt with young girl on the street?
I was beside my friend and I immediately told the uncle that we were in a rush. He said that he was just joking. But after that he told us to BE CAREFUL before leaving. I'm like WHAT THE HELL is this a warning to us??? Although the locals who are humorous and a little bit sarcastic like to joke, I feel that this is a molestation. I just hope that I won't meet these kind of people anymore.

      #3 I have a STYE      
My eyes are always swollen. Sometimes there're friends who tease me that I look like having double eyelids surgery =P Then I tell them I've saved the money for having surgery because I'm born with broad double eyelids.
There was once I had a video call with my friend, I ranted to her that my eyelids were very swollen and I thought it was the effect after eating ramyeon. But I noticed there was a red lining on my eyelid. After my roommate came back and she told me that I was having a stye because she had the same experiences as well. Yes there was pus on my eyelid T..T  
My eye looked like being punched and bruised.
For that week I couldn't wear contact lenses and rub my eye. Actually this shouldn't happen as the weather is cold here and the bacteria would likely exist in higher temperature. 

Well this's my first time having stye and I still have no idea why it happened here 

      #4 Paid in Sterling Pounds £      
I went grocery shopping with a friend at Iceland shop and it was my first time going there. I saw the things were quite cheap so I bought some frozen food like spring rolls. When I was going to pay at the counter, the cashier told me the amount which was more than the listed price.
Then I realized that some price tags are labelled in Pounds.

I should ask the cashier that whether am I staying in European country now. I feel that this's misleading the customers as most of them won't notice the difference of currency as they expect to pay in Euro dollar here.

      #5 Someone threw beer bottle at me      
I was chatting with my friends in front of a Korean restaurant. After that we went home respectively. When I was in the half way of walking back home, I realized that I've left my umbrella in the restaurant so I had to go back again. There was a drunken guy blocking my way when I was about to arrive at the restaurant. I've encountered similar situations for few times so I didn't think much of it. However when I wanted to detour ahead, there was a beer bottle hitting my legs from the back. I was so shocked and I ran away while the guy was still swearing behind. This was a scary experience for me as there was no one could help if something worse happened. The public security isn't as good as I think. This reminds me to be more cautious when walking alone on the street.

Anyways lots of shits happened but I'm still alive ;)