Life in Dublin | Shopped at Stephen's Green shopping mall & Lush | Bought myself a winter jacket | Gil's Diary❤ #1

Hellooo guys~ I'm back with my first diary of living in Dublin, Ireland. This post is just a lil bit of sharing about what I do after classes. 
The first photo was taken by my classmate on the street which is near my school. I told her that she could simply take the photos because they would still look nice as we are staying in the western country =P
Heated a mini pizza and made myself a healthy drink for breakfast

& Other Stories
This brand is under HM company and it has similar clothing lines as well. There are skincare products, cosmetics and even fragrance. I like this brand as their cosmetics are attractive.
I recommended my classmates the eyeshadow palette and blush and eventually she bought both XD She said that she has been looking for the autumn series eyeshadow palette and she really likes their color combination. At last she blamed me for bringing her there to spend money *~*
They have different shampoos for testing
Superrrrr prettyyyyyyy blush that I highly recommend you guys to buy it

Stephen's Green Shopping Mall
Came here because I wanted to go to a shop called TK Maxx
It has lots of branded and unbranded stuffs like coats, bags, shoes and so on. The branded stuffs are much cheaper than the retail stores' one. However, the items are quite unorganized and messy. The clothes are also limited in sizes.
Some packagings of the goods are opened and being used
The pose of mannequins at Dunnes Store looked funny

Visited the store which is on Suffolk Street. I am in need of a warm outer wear because the weather is freaking cold here @#$%^& And I only have one jacket which is from Uniqlo. It is definitely not enough for me.

Grafton Street⧪
I like to walk on this street because it is so happening. There are performances like instrumental and even these painted guys
The sky is always cloudy here
God blesses when there is no rain
Passed by Brown Thomas and saw my favorite brand Lime Crime <3 I will surely visit it for the next time. 

The street scene near Temple Bar

I guess many people have heard of this brand. They are famous of their handmade soaps and bath bombs.
My friend has recommended the hair soap which is good for oily hair

Different shapes of handmade soaps

My Taiwanese housemate bought doughnuts from Mr Donut.
I've tried a bit and I think it's too sweet for me. I wonder the desserts here taste so sweet. 
But the cheesecake that I bought from Tesco is very tastyyyy. It's not too sweet and the texture is soft and creamy.
End my post with an almost failed porridge. I don't know why I could cook a pot of porridge for almost 2 hours. I think I really need more practices on cooking.

Hope you guys enjoy reading~

Goodnite world ☽