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Hiiiiii Lovelies ❤❤❤
I've been always wanting to visit USS and finally I had the chance when I went to Taeyeon's solo concert in Singapore. I had the 4 days 3 night trip with two friends. This's my first time to travel with friends only. We have planned the flight, homestay and schedule about one month ago.

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HarbourFrontVivoCity →  Resorts World → USS 
We took MRT to Harbourfront and walked to the Vivocity. Basically, we needed to walk and take the bus or MRT on the whole trip.
My friend has booked the tickets on Klook so we didn't need to queue up for purchasing tickets.
I couldn't wait to explore the amusement park!
There're stores selling the merchandise.
The popular item - Minion Popcorn Bucket
Food stall
I'm not a minion fan but I think it's adorable
It's my favorite shop selling Hello Kitty merchandise.

Transformers fans would be glad to be here! There're some spots for photos taking.
Battlestar Galactica: Human vs Cylon ★★★★★
This roller coaster is a MUST RIDE at Universal. There're two types of rides which are the blue inverted coaster representing the Cylons and the seated red coaster representing the Humans. We rode the seated one and it was very exciting. Before riding we have to keep all of our stuff in the locker. It's free for the first 45 minutes after that it would cost $2 for the next hour. A small reminder that is to keep some cash in your pocket or else you'll be like us to borrow money from a stranger to unlock the locker LOL. As we had to wait almost an hour for our turn to take the ride.
Transformer 4D Ride ★★★
This's a 4D ride where you sit in a cart that flings you around while screening the actions. As I was sitting behind with my friends, the ride wasn't as thrilling as I expected. But it was still worth the wait for riding.

Sesame Street Show - Elmo's TV Time
A fast-food restaurant which sells burger, fries

Revenge of the Mummy ★★★
A combination dark ride and roller coaster which is built within an indoor space.
At first, my friends thought it was a haunted house so they were afraid of going inside hahaha
But the atmosphere was quite scary as it was dark when we queue up inside. Indeed the mine car ride was very exciting.

Puss in Boots Giant Journey ★★★☆☆

A roller coaster themed to the Puss in Boots spin-off film. It was like an elementary ride for me as compared to the transformer ride and I think it was more suitable for kids.

Shrek 4-D Adventure - A 3D show with physical effects.

Lights! Camera! Action! ★★★
A show that features special effects that mimic a major hurricane. It was out of my expectation as it left a huge impact on me after watching the show. I really recommend the visitors to go for it.
Sesame Street Spaghetti Space Chase★★☆☆☆ 
A suspended dark ride themed which I found that it was quite boring. But the lights were pretty.
Street Performance - A Date with Marilyn

As I had no time for The Lost World & Madagascar, so I couldn't provide any comments on their rides. 

Starbot Cafe: Human Refueling Center
There're some Asian food selling in the restaurant.
I still stick to my favorite Sweet & Sour Pork even I've come to Sg.


In front of the castle at Far, Far Away
Love the retro design of the shops

My favorite gingerbread house 💗💗💗
After finishing the tour in USS, it was about the closing time of the park.
It isn't big so there would be sufficient time to try all the rides if you visit it earlier. I think this trip is worthy because there're exciting rides and I could also have nice photos taken in the park.
Besides, I had the experience of walking alone on the street of a foreign country although it was only half a day. I'm grateful that I meet kind people in Sg. It's an unforgettable memory of going to a concert alone.
Thank you for reading. Hope you guys have a nice day~