A'bloom Launch Event | Althea Angels' Tour | Fun DIY Activity #Event❤

Goooood day~
I've attended a launch event organized by Althea last week. It's a whole new series called A'bloom. After coming out with own product lines like Bare Essentials, Real Fresh & so on, this is Althea's latest series that contains 4 different products.
I was soooooo excited since this was the first gathering of Althea Angels in Malaysia too <3

The whole ice-cream shop was well decorated with lights & dried flowers 💮

Hollywood mirror which was perfect for selfie 💡

These were the Althea Exclusives Makeup products which I've blogged about them before >>>

Althea has already come out with wide range of skincare products including cleansers, moisturizers, sunscreen and etc.

Everyone would receive a coupon to redeem for dessert & drinks.

The design of menu is cute as well.

Watermelon 🍉 & Lemonade 🍋 Soda

Charcoal waffles with strawberries 🍓

Rose Lychee & Vanilla Ice-cream 🍨 

One of the A'bloom products is mask sheet. There're total of 4 flavors of masks which are avocado, peach, watermelon & lemon that fulfill different needs of skin.

Next, there're makeup tools in this series.
The small makeup sponges look adorable like mini pau.

The bigger version of makeup sponges

The blackhead stick contains natural BHA that removes whiteheads & blackheads gently without hurting the skin.

Althea has prepared a session which we could diy our own case of petal velvet powder.
The food miniatures on the case looked surreal 
I've chosen some decorations with pink theme like ice-cream, candies 🍬🍦 After squeezing the cream on the lid, I could stick them on top of it.
The final products of my friend's and mine

This was indeed a fun event as I could have the chance to meet the members of Althea team and also a group of beauty bloggers & Youtubers. I didn't expect I would make new friend from the same university who is a beauty enthusiast as well 💓

Lastly, please stay tuned for my reviews of A'bloom products. You can visit https://my.althea.kr/althea-exclusives/a-bloom to have more details of the products mentioned above. I'll see you in my next post.