APRIL HUGE HAUL | Skincare - Eyeshadow - Etude House - Mac - Innisfree | What I've Spent During My Birthday Month❤

Hiiiiiiii guys <3 April is my favorite month as I could shop more than usual.
Birthday is an excuse for me to buy things without considering haha😆 I still haven't used some of the new products so there'll be no review below them.
Let's have a look at what have grabbed my $$$


As an ambassador of Althea, I've received reward points for shopping during my birthday month.
(Thank you Althea!!!❤❤❤)
Therefore, I've chosen some skincare and cosmetics as below:
1. IOPE Bio Essence Intensive Conditioning (168ml)
Price: RM179.00 
Before that I've seen a lot of good reviews about this essence. It claims to improve the skin complexion like brightening and hydrating skin in short period. As I just start using it for few times, I would need longer time to see the results.

2. Dear, Klairs Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop (35ml)
Price: RM102.00
This's a popular serum among Kbeauty skincare products. It contains Vitamin C extract to improve dull tone and reduce pigmentation. It's recommended to be used at night. I would consider the possibility of repurchasing it since it's a bit pricey.

3. Dear, Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner (180ml)
Price: RM76.00
Another hottest product of Dear, Klairs. I usually use a cotton pad with this toner to exfoliate my skin after cleansing. Then I'll apply it all over my face for twice or thrice. It makes my skin hydrated and easier to absorb the other skincare products. However, I haven't noticed the effect of controlling my oily skin yet.
Now it's time for cosmetics~

*Ps: The single eyeshadow is bought from the official store.
When I first saw Innisfree Aurora series being launched on Althea,
4. [Aurora Edition] Jewel Lip Glow
Price: RM33.00
Actually I don't like the lip products with glossy texture but this lip glow is EXCEPTIONAL. The shine makes my lips look like glowing and juicy. It's better to apply the lip glow after putting on a lipstick as base.
5. [Aurora Edition] Twinkle Balm
Color: 02 Starlight Aurora
Price: RM33.00
Recently I'm falling in love with shimmering or twinkling cosmetics. I really like Bling Bling products 🌠🌠🌠
This series contains 6 colors of twinkle balm and all of them are so prettyyyyy😭😭😭
The one that I bought looks like silver color with holographic glitters. The texture is soft like clay instead of powder so you won't be worried of breaking it.
I use it as the eyeshadow and I think it's not suitable to be used as highlighter as the particles are slightly large.
6. Etude House Play Color Eyes Peach Farm 
Price: RM59.00
This's for my collection of palettes

7. Holika Holika Eye Spanglitter
Color: 04 Unicorn
Price: RM35.00
I'm quite disappointed with this eye glitter. The packaging is dissatisfying and the applicator is hard to be used. It doesn't worth the price at all.

8. Missha Cotton Blush
Color: Vintage Robe
Price: RM18.00
A gentle rosy blush. I like its minimalist packaging

9. Missha Triple Shadow
Color: 06 Marsala Red
Price: RM21.00
You can apply 3 shades at the same time for you to complete an eye makeup quicker.

10. Missha 4D Mascara
Price: RM16.00
This is my second time of repurchase. I like the bottle design and the applicator. It'll smudge a little bit on my eyelid but it's considered as long lasting among my mascara.

11. BBIA Last Auto Gel Eyeliner
Color: 10 Noir
Price: RM32.00
This eyeliner is so pigmented. It can't be easily rubbed off too.
*BBIA Eye Glitter is my previous order from Gmarket


The hand cream is the free gift from Innisfree store
12. Innisfree Single Eyeshadow
Price: RM22.50
This glitter is a BOOM of my eye makeup. Actually there're many colors among this series of single eyeshadow but I bought it because of its shimmering particles.

13. Innisfree No Sebum Mineral Powder
Price: RM24
The mineral powder that I've repurchased for N times. I also gave it to my friends as presents.
I'll collect the anniversary edition almost every year and this year's designs are DAMN CUTEEE. I had a hard time of choosing which to buy *-*

🔻Etude House🔻

As a member of Etude House, I got to spend with 30% discount for once during my birthday month. There's a free gift too when I spent over RM100.
14. Play Nail (Glitter)
Color: Mermaid
Price: RM 13.00
This nail color contains shimmering glitters which is suitable to be used as top coat

15. (Happy With Piglet) Jelly Mousse Blusher
Color: OR202 Apricot Orange
Price: RM 46.00
A blush which is mousse like. The point is the Piglet is too cute 😘

16. (Happy With Piglet) Look At My Eyes Jewel
Color: RD306 Don't Be Sad
Price: RM 32.00
A red color shadow with gold & pink shimmers

17. (Blossom Picnic) Air Mousse Eyes Shimmer
Color: BR402 Flower Road
Price: RM 36.00
Brown color shadow with red orange pearls

18. My Lash Serum
Price: RM 28.00
I'm not sure of how's the effect but I hope my lashes still got chance to grow longer


Since there was sales on Lazada, I've made my first purchase from it. 
I only bought a Blossom Edition Fix+ spray but the Mac official flagship store sent me a lot of samples~
19. Maybelline Fit Me! Skin-Fit Powder Foundation
Color: 110 Porcelain
Price: RM 45.90
I use it to fix my base makeup after applying foundation. It does well to cover my pores.

20. M·A·C BOOM, BOOM, BLOOM Prep + Prime Fix+
Price: RM 99.00
A mist with cherry blossom scent. After using it, my base makeup turns dewy.

One of the free gifts is a full-size lipstick. But the color doesn't suit me =(


21. Stila Glitter & Glow Eye Liquid Set
Price: RM 105.00
It's a worthy set as it contains 3 colors of liquid glitters
There's no words to describe the shimmers


22. Peripera Lip Lacquer
Color: #5 Kind Brown Fix
Price: RM 35.00
My recent favorite lip tint❤ I'm a fan of Peripera (I think I own more than 10 products) I'm so excited when I saw Taeyeon also bought Peripera products in her vlog (woohooooo)
They always release new products and I'm so in love with the latest design of packaging.
This's the lip swatches under natural light. It does show the fine lines but the color is so nice. I think it's easier to be removed as compared to other Peripera lip tints.


23. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask (20ml)
I almost finished a full size sleeping mask but I feel it doesn't help much on my skin.


24. L'Oreal Caresse Dazzling Shine Lip Color
Color: 804 Faye
This's gifted from my Korean friend <3 Too bad that it's not available in Malaysia
It's a gentle tangerine color with glossy texture.
My friend said it's a dupe for YSL 😜

I only realized that I've bought a lot of cosmetics when I blog about them >< Now it's time for me to set up a place to store them.
Finally I could end this super long post.