Althea Petal Velvet Series: My Summer Essentials ❤

Hellooo peeps~ 오랜만이에요
I was preparing for finals in the past few weeks. During this semester I'm kinda busy as I have to face a lot of tests. Luckily I only need to do two assignments in the whole semester. The typical problem of a university student is sleep-deprived 😧 I can only have a good sleep after finishing the last paper. Due to the irregular rest time, many pimples have popped out on my face *groan* finger-cross that there is no acne scar after recovery T..T
Let's get back to today's topic. Today I'll be sharing the products that I'm currently using. As you know the weather of Malaysia is always hot and sunny, it's quite challenging to maintain fair skin. Most of my Korean friends have become skin-tanned after they have stayed here for some time 😜
After the launching of Real Skin Detoxer, Althea has come out with their new product again! It's Petal Velvet Sunaway SPF 50+ PA++++
Besides the new sunscreen, I've also received the powder of Petal Velvet Series.
The hologram pouch really catches my eyes! I think it can fit some brushes.
My must do thing before going out is to apply sunscreen. Why do I have this habit? Since I've been using acidic products like Salicylic Acid, AHA on my face, it's important for me to protect my skin from the sun's rays. Besides that, this will avoid the formation of freckles in the early stage. 
The design of the packaging is similar as Althea beauty box
There're instructions and ingredients listed in Korean at the back of the box and bottle
The main ingredients are Damask Rose extracts (moisturize & smoothen skin) and geranium oil. They are suitable for all skin types even for those who have sensitive skin.
It has SPF of 50+ and PA++++ so it's suitable for people who need sun protection for outdoor activities. As SPF 50 means your skin is protected 50 times longer than it would be without sunscreen. But you still need to reapply it after few hours (also depends on the time of staying outside)
FYI, I have combination skin, my T-zones are very oily.
Normally I'll use sunscreen after I finish the last step of skincare. Shake the bottle well before using it. Apply it evenly on the skin. I like the texture which is very light weight. There is no feeling of tacky too.
Pros: Strong protection, moisture, no white cast
Cons: Sebum control is not strong enough
(Recommend users to tap a layer of sebum powder after using it)
Related image
Using sebum powder is one of the essential steps for me who have oily skin especially when I'm outside. 
The packaging of Pink Lavender is slightly different. There are prints of lavender and the word of "3rd Anniversary" on the box.
Petal Velvet Powder:
#0 Translucent [All skin colors]
#23 Warm Beige [Natural coverage]
#Pink Lavender (Special edition) [Brighter complexion]
🌠Sebum control
🌠Pore blurring. 
My favorite one is #Pink Lavender. It has pleasant smell and the pink powder can also brighten the complexion. Before that, I've bought this from Althea website and now I'm using it for months.
The puff is also thick and fluffy which is suitable for fixing makeup.
Pros: Small, easily carry, cheap
Cons: The powder will be coming out too much from the holes 
(*To solve this you may stick the holes with tape before starting to use)

🌹 Apply all over face especially T-zone after foundation 
🌹 Apply on the eyelid - the eye shadow will become more pigmented
🌹 Mattify lips after applying lipsticks
🌹Put on the fringe (YESSSSS seriously I need this whenever I go outside)

Price: RM43.00

Price: RM16.00

Price: RM17.00

ALTHEA Petal Velvet Set (10% OFF)
💮Petal Velvet Sunaway x1
💮Petal Velvet Powder (color of your choice) x1
Price: RM53.10


*The products above are sent to me for review purpose. All opinions and views expressed are solely my own.