Althea Real Fresh Skin Detoxers Review & Althea Angels Welcome Gift Unboxing❤

CONGRATULATIONS to Althea Korea which has turned 3!!! 
Recalling back to 3 years ago, I was looking for affordable Korean cosmetics and I randomly searched eCommerce websites which are available to ship items to Malaysia from the Internet. I found Althea which is offering various types of Korean cosmetics and skincare. The prices are also lower than the official stores here. Then I started purchasing cosmetics and restocking my skincare from Althea. Althea has started from selling Korean branded products until they have their own product line now👏👏👏 What a great milestone they have achieved.

Before that, I would like to share a good news with you guys: 
I've become one of the members of Althea Korea's Beauty Ambassador Community, so-called Althea Angel👼 ~~~ I'm glad that I'm in this beauty community and I will definitely share more on Kbeauty.
Today I'm gonna share the two new products which are newly launched by Althea.


They are included inside the welcome gift box. As usual the parcel is wrapped with the pink plastic. 
I've also received some credits from Althea (There will be another post about Althea shopping haul, so stay tuned)

After unwrapping, there's a pink box. The design is damn nice💓💓💓
As compared to the Valentine's Day beauty box of previous year
*Yeah it's too pretty and I can't throw it away

A box of surprise
Althea has really done a great job on their packaging design👍
Related image
In collaboration with Get It Beauty that is a popular Korean TV show, Althea has released whole new skin recipe - Real Fresh Skin Detoxer. It is the wash-off mask which is made by premium ingredients including May Rose petal which is handpicked once in a year. With only 10 seconds, you can revitalize your skin effectively. The rose flavor is for morning use. It can remove roughness of your skin and this makes the absorption of skincare products easier. You will also find that the application of foundation will be smoother after using it.

I'm super happy that my cleanser is even my favourite green tea flavor. The ingredients included young green tea leaves from Jeju island. It's recommended to be used during night routine. Both of them suit all skin type and you can use them based on your preference. The specialness of these two wash-off masks is they are made of natural ingredients, it's advisable to finish using them asap while they are still in the "fresh" condition. 

You can see the particles of green leaves

For application, they generally act like the cleanser that you are using daily:
1. Apply a thin layer on your face
2.Count from 1 to 10 (Or 10 to 1) 
don't leave too long as it may irritate the skin
3. Damp your face and massage gently until there's foam
4. Wash off the foam 
There are petals on my face~ For my first thought of using it, it is similar to the usage of peeling gel for exfoliation.
You can write down the opened date so that you won't leave it unfinished for long period. This's very useful especially for me who's a forgetful person 
I find that there's not much difference between these two flavors. I personally prefer green tea skin detoxer (not only because of the scent okkk)
There's a bit tightening of my skin after using the rose skin detoxer in the morning. Although my skin type is combination oily, especially my T-zone is always greasy, I think it's too strong for my face as my skin tends to be dehydrated as well. In my opinion, it's more suitable to be used after you have gone out for whole day and the skin is full with sebum and dirt. These two wash-off masks are good exfoliators to remove impurities. Sometimes I switch between these two flavors.
After consistently using them, my skin becomes glower and smoother. There's still some flaws on my face, but so far these two skin detoxers don't cause any acne or sensitive problems. I would recommend to those who have normal or combination skin. For dry skin typed persons I think it might be too powerful for the skin. 
Overall, this product makes us who have hectic life much easier.
For the pricing, it's quite reasonable as it costs RM43.00 for 150ml. My personal experience is I can only finish one tube of cleanser in 4 or 5 months. So you can use it for at least 3 months. Besides that, you will get 10% of discount with buying two. This's such a great deal

Let's continue with the unboxing part~
There's a cute pink makeup pouch 
The mirror is handy and the design is my fav minimalist
The tote bag is printed with their 3rd anniversary promotional poster
Warm welcome card <3
DIY session
It's folded into a mini gift box
Beauty box with ratio of 16:1 ^^
Lastly, I would like thank Althea team for the opportunity of trying out new products before officially launching. They have put in great effort on bringing new products with good quality and affordable price to the customers. From the first product Petal Velvet Powder till the skin care line, they really know what customers want. Good job indeed.
Thank you for reading such lengthy post till the end. See you guys in my next post.

*The products above are sent to me for review purpose. All opinions and views expressed are solely my own.