Korean Cuisine | Da Sa Rang Korean BBQ Restaurant Review Food❤

As a foodie, my most favorite food is Korean meal. So I'll always look for Korean restaurants. It's hard to fit my appetite because most of them stated "originally Korean" but the taste is not. (it's not I'm picky okayyy)
Da Sa Rang is a Korean restaurant which offers BBQ and traditional dishes. Before staying in KL, I already know the existence of this restaurant since few years ago. I only visited it for the first time when I celebrated my birthday with colleagues.
The portion of each food is like what I've ordered before when I traveled in Korea. You don't have to be worried of not getting full enough.
Haemul kalguksu
The taste of this seafood noodle is so-so, I would prefer to eat rice instead of noodles.

This's my first time trying Korean black soy noodle so I have no comparison of how the taste is. 
The portion is enough for one person.
The Korean pancake which is perfect with sesame sauce
This's a must try food - Tteobokki. 
The rice cake is not too soft and chewy. Although it's a bit spicy, it's still within my limit. 
There're desserts served after meal
My Korean friend also likes the food
Banchan (side dishes) are served as well
I would recommend those who like Korean cuisine to visit here as the taste of food is authentic. It also has good environment which is suitable for family gatherings or friends' meetup. The estimated price per person is RM20++ if you order a dish of rice/noodle
Annyeong 😊😊😊

Restaurant Name: Da Sa Rang
Address: 82, Jalan SS 15/4d, Ss 15, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor 
(Located above MCD SS15)
Phone: 03-5637 0061