How to Decorate the Wall using Grid Rack ❤DIY

Hey guys~~~ This's my first post about DIY. I always like to recreate stuffs since I was young. I keep many used or unwanted things because I usually have the thoughts of I may use them in the future ( kinda like garbage collector =P ) I decide to decorate the wall of where the desk is placed as I have photos which I had no other place to keep. Besides, I dislike the plain white wall which is too dull. So I would like to share how did I make my room to become nicer. This is one of the ways to store things too.

Got some inspirations from websites. Most of the people use either white or black grid rack.
You can also hang your cosmetics on the wall! I was so impressed when I saw it. You just need to cut the hard plastic into the hook shape and stick it at the back of the eye shadow case. Then you can hang it on the grid rack. I don't try it because I feel insecure to let my eye shadow babies to stay there. I'll be heartbroken if one of them falls down TT
These are the materials which are needed. Most of them can be found in my house. Thus, the total cost is just around RM20~~~ 
🔺Grid Rack
You can buy the white grid racks from Daiso or Komonoya. But I think there are only a few choices in Daiso. I bought two (a flat lay and a tray) at RM10.60 *before they increase the prices lol
The wooden board can be the alternative if you can't find the grid rack. But you have to use tacks to pin the photos or decorations and the tray cannot be placed on it.
🔺Command 3M Damage-Free Hanging
It's quite pricey though I bought the value pack. It is RM27.50 for 6 hooks. Since I only used two so they are around RM9 after dividing. This is the only brand that I found in Popular. A hook can withstand 450g and it won't leave any stains after you remove it.
🔺Toys , Clips
Stole the metal clips from my mum haha Actually she prefers wooden pegs for hanging the clothes that's why I took all the metal one. The Ponies are a part of my collection 
🔺Printed Photos & Postcard
🔺Stickers & Motivational Cards
Tips: Print out the stickers or motivational cards from internet and cut them out. This saves a lot of money
First step: Follow the instructions at the back of the box to stick the hooks on the wall. After an hour, hang the grid rack on the hooks.
Second step: Decorate the photos with stickers or doodles. 
Third step: Hang the photos and postcard with the clips. Stick the toys, cards and stickers with adhesive Tack-it. I also add some dry flowers. 
You can add some LED light bulbs to make it look more attractive. I'd added the fairy light that I bought from Kaison.
TADAAAAA~~ It's done
After that, I put some stuffs like hairband, hair curler, toys in the tray. It'd become a place for storage~ You can hang different shapes of trays on the grid rack to keep more things but you have to put more hooks so that the rack won't fall.
Now I'm more likely to study in front of the desk. That's all for my sharing. If you have any opinions about my post, feel free to leave your comment below.

Thank you for reading


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