Photoshoot #1 My Another Hometown- Alor Setar, Kedah ❤

Hello peeps  Here are the photos captured in my hometown which is a place with many paddy fields - Alor Setar ~ Actually I was born in Kuala Lumpur. I had been staying in different states since I was very young until my family decided not to move anymore when I was Standard Three. Therefore, I  had been living in Alor Setar for more than ten years. Although Alor Setar is quite "kampung", it is developing well now. At least the natural scene of the rural town is still existing.
The scenes of the photos were on the railway and around Pekan Cina. So let's see the photosss~~~
My back :D
This railway station is a popular photo shooting spot. But the thing is you have to watch out of the gaps between the railway. You should know how to swim because you may fall into the river hahaha  Besides, there is a guard who will drive away the people. Luckily there was no train passing by too.
The iconic tower in Pekan Cina
After taking photos, my legs were full with mosquito bites !@#$%&*
The photos were taken by my friend, Chean Liang who is a freelance photographer. He does photo shooting for events, graduation and so on. If you guys have any events that need a photographer, do contact him

Thank you for reading