Travel : Bangkok Trip in Dec❤

I'm going to post about my Bangkok trip in December~ Bangkok is the capital and the most populous city of Thailand. I was thrilled with excitement during the whole trip. =)

Painted my nails with favourite candy colour before starting my journey

After an hour and thirty minutes, finally arrived this big city ❤ Captured this photo when I was on the way to my first travel spot.

Bought this yoghurt drink at 7 eleven, nice taste~ There are lots flavour of these yoghurt drinks for you to choose. Actually 7 eleven can be found everywhere. You can buy freshly-baked sausage bread, dim sum, rice, snacks ,electronic gadgets, stationery and more ...The most important is they are so so cheap!!!!!! Why 7 eleven in Malaysia don't have so ho liao e?????☹

My family and I total ten persons travelled throughout Bangkok by van. The van driver is quite friendly and his wife knows English. So we could talk by using English and she usually translated for us while buying things. At first ,we went to Amphawa Floating Market 

The goods were so cheap. Tried these kuih and taste not bad

I'd eaten a lot LOL The food was so delicious!!!!!! I think this is good for me to gain weight ~~

We had a boat ride 50 baht per person. Actually we just wanted to watch the scene around the river but we didn't realise that we had boarded THE WRONG BOAT!!!!!!!It was so dark already at about 6 p.m.. And we felt weird that we had not visited the temple yet. Then we were told that this was the boat ride for watching fireflies OMGGGGGGGG We had to continue this long ride till I felt asleep zZZZZZ though the engine sound was very noisy ;(

For me it's quite risky to ride a boat. However the night scene was nice

Had dinner in a seafood reataurant. I didn't eat much because most of the food was spicy

Bought the cotton candy in the floating market and my favorite strawberry flavour Pocky at 7 eleven.
That's all for Day1 ❤

I will continue writing a few posts of the other days because there are too much to share≧◔◡◔≦