Strange things happen OR it's just that I'm having bad luck | Life in Dublin | Gil's Diary❤ #2

Gooooood day my readers <3 
Today's post is basically about ranting some random stuffs. Recently I've met some kinda "weird" things. When they happened on me I just felt so speechless... I also bumped into few strange people on the street. Whenever I see someone blocking me, I would just pretend that I don't know how to speak English and walk away. 
      #1 Nest in my cap      I was on my way home from the mall that was beside my house. I felt there was something dropping at my back but I didn't notice what was it. Until I reached home, there were brown pieces falling everywhere on the floor.

Then I found out the thingy was just like the particles of nest... I really had a hard time to clear them as it was all over my head, cap & clothes. I even needed to wash my outer coat as it was dirty @@
But I told my roommate that luckily it was not bird's shit on my head LOL. Oh man this city is full with many b…

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